At Royal Food Import Corp.,
our import/export specialists have decades of experience
in the global food marketplace,
with expertise in the specific items you
and - more importantly - your customers depend on.



Quality control goes hand-in-hand with strong supplier relationships. Royal Food's focused product list allows us to develop and nurture key partnerships in the fruit, vegetable, and fish markets - ensuring only top quality products are shipped to the customer.


Low overhead, strong supplier relationships, and an efficient import-management system allow Royal Food to pass the market's most competitive pricing on to the customer.


Information is power, and Royal Food devotes considerable resources to staying on top of developments in the global food marketplace - from antidumping legislation on Capitol Hill to average daily rainfall in China's peach orchards. By monitoring even the smallest market, policy, and even weather changes in real-time, we help our customers buy smarter and, in turn, return higher profits.


Royal Food's state-of-the-art import-tracking technology brings customers directly into our in-house system, allowing you to watch your order as it sails from their shores to ours.