Guide on Geography of Corn Production in China

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Guide on Geography of Corn Production in China

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Chinese diet has long been associated culturally with rice. However, in the recent years, corn has taken over the rice as the crown crop in China. The reason is that Chinese make ample use of corn for growing livestock. In fact, corn production has taken a jump of about 125 percent in the past 25 years as pr the records of the World Bank.

Here is an overview of the geography of corn production in China in the year 2018.

Sweet Corn and Baby Corn

Northern, Northeastern, and Southwestern mountain areas of the country are the ones where sweet corn is grown majorly. The sweet corn crop is classified into two groups: Spring crop and the Autumn crop. For the spring crop, the corns are sowed towards the end of April and during early May. While for the autumn crops, the corns are sowed during mid of July and are reaped in the mid of October.

Sowing Period

Sowing period of corns differs according to the region. For example, in the mountain region, the corns are sown in April and they take less than one week time to sprout. The crops then blossom in June and in 30 days, all the crops are ripe.

Plantation Area in China

Plantation area for sowing corns in China can be classified into 6 parts. These are as follows:

Northern Spring Corn Area: This area includes Heilongjiang, Ningxia, Neimenggu, Jilin, and Liaoning. Moreover, these areas enjoy a planting area of 6.5 million hectares and have a total output of 27 million tons.

Huang-Huai-Hai Plain Summer Corn Area: Provinces such as Shandoug and Henan are included in this part. These areas offer a plantation area of 6 million hectares and have an output of 22 million tons.

Southwestern Mountain Areas: Provinces such as Sichuan, Yunnan, and Guizhou are included in this part. These areas provide 22 percent of corn production and have 18% of corn outputs.

Southern Hill Area: This section includes areas such as Fujian, Taiwan, Jiangxi, and Guangdong. These areas amount to 6% of Chinese corn production and have less than 5% of corn output.

Northwest Irrigation Corn Area: This particular area covers Xinjiang and some parts of Gansu province.

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau corn Area: Qinghai province as well as Tibet are included in this area.