Passionate Peach Farmers from Greece

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Passionate Peach Farmers from Greece

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Consumers who are opting to show their preference for Greek canned peaches can be sure that they are buying quality fruit that will satisfy their dietary needs – they offer a punch of vitamins, essential fiber and anti-oxidant minerals, while also pleasing their sensory needs – with their beautiful shape, deep color, heady aroma and delicious taste.

Peaches were originally cultivated in the valleys of Southern China, close to the Yangtze River, until gradually making their way to all the continents. The climatic conditions in parts of Northern Greece, mainly Central and Western Macedonia, and the Northern Peloponnese are ideal for peach growers, offering loads of sunshine, maximum temperatures of up to 35 ° C, dry summers and milder, wet winters.

Dedicated Greek farmers have worked diligently toward approaching peach farming from a fresh perspective over the last decade, ensuring that a top quality fruit reaches the canning factory. Strict quality control is ensured throughout every step of the growing process (fertilizing, watering, pruning, thinning out, ground control, pesticide control etc) making for a healthier and tastier fruit. The canning factories are all modern and conform to the high standards required by the EU and US.

Greek peach farmers have weathered the storm of the Greek economy well by ensuring that they continue to put their passion and dedication into every stage of its production. Even though they have smaller parcels of land then most of their European counterparts, they are still the 5th largest peach producers worldwide, with over 12000 growers. They have actively supported their country during its economic crisis with their exports of both fresh and canned peaches. The peach farmers and peach canning industry continue to provide full time and seasonal work to thousands of people and to export 80% of their production.

Nearly half of all canned peaches sold worldwide are produced in Greece, reflecting the passion and devotion of the farmers.